Event salon

On March 21st, a salon event with the theme of “Wealth Theory, Wind and Water” co-sponsored by Vanzbon Group and DBS Bank was successfully held. The activities were organized into three categories: fengshui, asset allocation, tax saving, and risk control. From a broad perspective, discuss the way of wealth with the guests and decrypt the code of wealth.


With the opening of the host, the event officially kicked off. First of all, Feng Shui master Zhao Zhiming brought you a feng shui theme feast. Teacher Zhao Zhiming explained home feng shui in detail, explained and analyzed the principles from a scientific point of view, so that guests could fully and systematically understand the relationship between feng shui and the environment. Thoroughly explain to customers the things that should be paid attention to in home feng shui. There were also many audiences who raised the problems they encountered in their lives one after another, and teacher Zhao Zhiming also patiently answered them one by one, helping the audience to relieve their doubts.

Teacher Zhao Zhiming shared the theme of Yi Xue Feng Shui

Subsequently, Han Jingxi, President of DBS Nanshan Sub-branch, in view of the multiple deformations of the global investment market, introduced the recent investment hotspots and asset allocation strategies in a simple and simple way, and analyzed in detail how to use the asset allocation model to achieve stable wins, revealing to the guests on the spot Investment fog, point out the direction.

President Han Jingxi shared the theme of asset allocation

Finally, Lu Qingyou, deputy general manager and chief financial and tax expert of Vanzbon Group, gave a keynote speech on “Tax Saving and Risk Control” to the guests. Mr. Lu Qingyou respectively discussed the main monitoring directions of the fourth phase of the Golden Tax, how to avoid tax risks, and how to be healthy. Tax-saving and other aspects are analyzed in detail, and the simplest and most reasonable and effective solution for healthy tax-saving is proposed-the establishment of a sole proprietorship with a tax-saving rate of more than 90%. The guests on the scene are reminded to pay attention to tax-saving at the same time. Effectively avoid tax-related risks. Teacher Lu Qingyou’s sharing was highly recognized and praised by the guests on the spot. They all expressed their hope that in the future, Mr. Lu could provide guidance on finance and taxation for himself and the company.

Teacher Lu Qingyou shared the theme of tax saving and risk control
Some guests took a group photo after the meeting

Vanzbon Group-the financial and taxation customization expert around you, dedicated to providing professional services such as financial and taxation consulting, financial and taxation planning for corporate and individual customers, and helping customers to maximize corporate and personal benefits through compliant and effective financial and taxation planning strategies . At the same time, I also hope that in the future, we can join hands with more high-quality partners to bring more exciting offline salon activities to customers, share more nutritious and professional dry goods knowledge, and help companies and individuals to comply with laws and regulations, and to help reduce taxes. Maximize revenue.

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