U.K Company Registration


The United Kingdom is a western European island country composed of England, Wales and Scotland on the Isle of Great Britain, Northern Ireland in the northeast of the island of Ireland, and a series of affiliated islands. In addition to the mainland, it also owns 14 overseas territories. With a total population of more than 66 million, the United Kingdom is a highly developed capitalist country, one of the four largest European economies, and the world’s largest net exporter of financial services. [45] Its citizens have a very high standard of living and a good social security system.

Additional information

The advantages of registering a UK company

  • The income obtained from the business activities carried out outside of the UK company after the establishment of the British company does not need to pay tax, and it can be reasonably and legally avoided, which greatly reduces the cost of tax expenditures.
  • The registered capital does not need to be in place, the establishment and annual maintenance costs are low, and bank accounts can be opened with all over the world. Own foreign exchange is not subject to domestic foreign exchange control.
  • The UK has a more relaxed import and export policy than the US. Under normal circumstances, all goods entering the UK can be cleared within 24 hours, while in the US it often takes a week or even a year.
  • As the second largest financial center in the UK, coupled with its important international position in Europe, the United Kingdom has complete laws and regulations and strong confidentiality. High international credibility and enhance the image of international brands.

Conditions for registering a UK company:

  • Company name in Chinese and English (required)
  • Copies of ID cards and passports of the company’s shareholders and proof of residential addresses, and the percentage of shares held by shareholders.
  • Copies of ID cards and passports of company directors and proof of residential addresses.
  • Company business profile.

Procedures for registering a UK company:

  • The company name must be determined whether it can be used.
  • The funding standard for application is 80,000 pounds, divided into 80,000 shares. 1 pound per share, no capital verification is required. If the frequency is higher than the frequency, an additional five-thousandth (0.5%) pound printing fee will be charged.
  • Requirements for shareholders/directors: one or more, which can be legal entities or natural persons of any nationality.
  • British company address: the application address must be in the UK

Method and time required to register a UK company

  • The self-registration takes 3-6 months, and the longest time can be as long as one year, and the registration may not be successful.
  • Wanqi helps the registration process successfully in 3 days as soon as possible (there are successful cases)
  • All materials, overseas registration certificates, professional accountants certified bank account opening documents, company articles of association, statutory record book and stamps can be obtained within 7 days.

Why choose Vanzbon:

The registration channels in the four regions cover the United Kingdom, 278+ China and the United Kingdom exclusive cooperation resources, 113 county institutions have established in-depth cooperation relations, 96+ banks and local banking institutions cooperate, low cost and high efficiency, one-stop whole process to help companies explore the European market.


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