Seychelles Company Registration


Seychelles is an archipelago country located in the southeastern part of the African continent and in the west and middle of the Indian Ocean. One of the member states of the Great Britain Association. The capital is Victoria.

Additional information

Seychelles company registration advantages

  • Companies can use Chinese names to increase international recognition
  • There is no need to submit financial statements and declare taxes every year
  • The information of shareholders and directors with high privacy will not be available to the public
  • Bank accounts can be opened in most parts of the world​
  • There is no statutory audit requirement in company regulations
  • There is no need to hold shareholders’ meeting and board meeting every year
  • Unless the company information is changed, there is no need to report shareholder and director information every year
  • Reduce personal risks to the company’s business
  • The annual inspection procedure is relatively simple

Seychelles company registration conditions

  1. At least one shareholder and director, no nationality restrictions
  2. Registered address of the local company

How and when to register a Marshall company

  1. It takes about 16 working days to register a new company (after all the materials are collected and the due diligence is passed)
  2. It takes about 7 working days to purchase a ready-made shell company (after all the materials are collected and the due diligence is passed)

Information required for Seychelles company registration

  1. Original ID card or passport of directors and company promoters, or copies certified by certified public accountants, lawyers, and notaries
  2. Director’s address certificate in the most recent 3 months (for example: bank statement, utility bill, gas bill, fixed-line payment list, etc.), or a copy certified by a certified public accountant, lawyer, or notary

CNY Chinese yuan