Malaysia Company Registration


Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia, between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. A large part of the Chinese live there. Malaysia is a place with a very stable political, economic and trade environment.


The advantages of registering a Malaysian company

Malaysia is an emerging country with a diversified economy. With complete infrastructure and well-developed tourism, Malaysia is easier to obtain bank loans and purchase land or real estate for investment than other countries.
There is a low-cost employee market and office. In recent years, China and Malaysia have a sound economic and trade cooperation foundation and have maintained a rapid growth trend. The annual trade growth rate has reached more than 20%. Currently, Malaysia is China’s eighth largest trading partner. Malaysia is one of the important member states of ASEAN, and it occupies an important position in the economic development of ASEAN. It has become a springboard for investors from various countries to invest in ASEAN.
Among them, the manufacturing industry, electronic manufacturing industry, automobile industry, tourism industry, and service industry are more prominent. In addition, the Malaysian government welcomes foreign investment in manufacturing, especially high-tech industries. Malaysia has become an eye-catching diversified emerging industrial country in Asia and an emerging market economy in the world.

Conditions for registering a Malaysian company

  • The minimum registered capital for establishing a limited company in Malaysia is MYR 1, and the registered capital is not required to be in place. Different business scopes may require funds to be in place, and enterprises can be in place in installments according to actual operating conditions. To
  •  The establishment of a Malaysia limited company requires two or more shareholders, and the shareholders can serve as directors at the same time. There is no nationality restriction for shareholders; two or more directors must be provided at the same time, at least one of which is a local resident of Malaysia or a foreign person who holds a visa for Malaysia for more than six months (our company can provide, not Participate in any actual business operation);

Method and time required to register a Malaysian company

  • Sign the power of attorney — submit an application (Form 13A) — review the company name — prepare company documents (company name, company memorandum and articles of association; legal declaration; affidavit, basic information of shareholders and directors) — Material submission — Obtain registration certificate/notice
  • Self-registration takes about 5 months;
  • Look for Wanqi to help collect all the materials, it will take 15-20 working days to complete the company registration

Malaysian company registration information

  • The English name of the company
  • Personal information (scanned copies of ID card and passport) and share allocation of all shareholders
  • Copies of passports of all directors
  • Pay more than half of the cost
  • The company’s business policy
  • Some industries need to apply for individual permits and pay taxes.


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