Macau Company Registration


Macau is a trade city with a highly open economy, with a superior geographical location and complete infrastructure. Macau is also a free port. There is no foreign exchange control and free flow of funds has attracted many investors to invest in Macau.

There are basically no special restrictions on the establishment of a company in Macau, and a low tax rate system is implemented, and there are not many types of taxes. In recent years, Macau’s positive factors have continued to increase, and sustained economic growth, especially the hotel industry and tourism, has driven the rise of Macau’s economy, and the international community’s confidence in Macau’s investment has also continued to increase. At the same time, Macau is also one of the most free and open regions in the global trade and investment system.

Additional information

The advantages of registering a Macau company

  • Have a robust financial system
  • Ideal trading environment
  • Low tax rate, offshore companies can be exempted from profits tax, business tax, inheritance and gift tax, property transfer tax, stamp duty and salaries tax for the first three years (non-Macao residents)
  • Potential offshore service center
  • A platform for economic and trade cooperation between Mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries

Conditions for registering a Macau company

  • Number of shareholders: Generally, there are 2 people, up to 30 people, regardless of nationality. Macau allows one shareholder, but the certificate will show “one person limited company”;
  • Directors and secretaries: Shareholders must appoint one or more directors to be responsible for the management of the company. The nationality of the directors is not limited (in addition, Macau limited companies do not need to appoint a legal secretary);
  • Registered address: must provide the registered address in Macau (Wanqibang can provide);
  • Registered capital: at least 25,000 patacas, no upper limit (impressive tax will be incurred if higher than 25,000);
  • Registered capital stamp duty and registration fee: the government collects stamp duty ranging from one thousandth to four thousandths based on the actual amount of registered capital.

Method and time required to register a Macau company

  • Self-registration takes about 3-6 months;
  • It will take about 20 working days for Wanqi to help register a brand-new Macau company;

Information required to register a Macau company

  • The business name of the Macau company to be used.
  • Shareholder information, a photocopy of the front and back of the shareholder ID card, detailed address information, if married, the full name of the spouse and indicate that the property system after marriage is a communist or sub-property, if the shareholder is a legal person, a company meeting record is required , Through the resolution to come to Macau to establish a company, and the need to resolve to appoint a natural person as the representative or shareholder status. This meeting record requires a notarization certificate issued by the local notary or notary office where the company is registered.
  • According to the provisions of the Macau Commercial Law, the company’s registered share capital starts from a minimum of MOP two million and five thousand.
  • Indicate the scope of business.
  • One copy of the front and back of the personal ID of the appointed person, married or unmarried, and detailed information of the address.

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