Korea Company Registration


* This service includes bank account opening service

The company name is named in Korean, but foreign languages ​​can also be used. For example: English TANNET GROUP LIMITED-marked in Korean as 타넷그룹주식회사 (literal translation: “TANNET GROUP Co., Ltd.” can be understood as Chinese homophonic notation) Generally speaking, TANNET GROUP can be used on business cards or if you want the English company name LIMITED, but only the Korean company name is marked on the business license.

Additional information

The advantages of registering a Korean company

  • South Korea is a major economy in the world, a member of the G20, and an OECD developed country with a sound market economy system.
  • South Korea is the world’s 7th largest exporter and 9th largest importer.
  • Korea’s shipbuilding industry is also the world’s second largest, tire industry’s third largest, synthetic fiber production and textile industry ranked fourth in the world, automobile production fifth in the world, and steel production sixth in the world.
  • South Korea has become the 8th largest trading country in the EU, and the EU is South Korea’s second largest export destination.

Conditions for Korean company registration

  • The minimum registered capital of foreign investors is USD 55,000 (that is, KRW 50 million), and they need to be in place all at once.
  • If the registered capital exceeds USD55,000, the incurred stamp tax will be calculated separately, which can be calculated by referring to the following formula: First, according to the Foreign Investment Promotion Law, foreign direct investment declarers (FDI; Foreign Direct Investment) in order to declare the minimum fee is USD55,000.00 must also acquire 10% of the shares of the newly established legal person. A condition that must be met at the same time as the amount and shares. For example, under the conditions of investment of 1 billion won, foreign legal persons will invest 100 million and South Koreans will invest 9.9 billion. The amount conditions are met, but the holdings are only 1%. Therefore, it does not meet the requirements for foreign direct investment declaration (FDI). For foreign investors with more than 2 people, each must invest more than USD55,000.00, while maintaining 10% of the shares. The capital is USD55,000.00 or more.
  • Login tax: 0.4% of funds USD55,000.00x 0.4% x 3 = USD 660.00
  • Local education tax: 20% of the registration tax USD660.00x 20.0% = USD 132.00
  • Urban railway (national housing) bonds: 0.1% of the funds USD55,000.00x 0.1% = USD 55.00 will not affect the handling fees for subsequent years.

Method and time required to register a Korean company

  • Self-registration takes about 6 months;
  • Look for Wanqi to help register a brand-new South Korean company in about 4 weeks;

Information required to register a Korean company

  • Copies of ID card (front and back) and passport. If you do not have a passport, you need to copy or photograph the first page and the second page (the page with the photo) of the opened passport as soon as possible after applying for the passport, and then send them to our company.
  • After obtaining a Korean visa, scan or take a photo of the visa page and send it to our company.
  • Please submit the company name (both in both Chinese and English): generally *** Co., Ltd., equivalent to a company limited by shares
  • Company business scope
  • Name of shareholder; shareholding ratio.
  • Name of representative director; name of supervisor (supervisor cannot hold shares)

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