Ireland Company Registration


In addition to having a stable political situation, a free and open and energetic overall economy, efficient and convenient public services, relatively sound and complete basic measures, and pleasant working and living conditions with beautiful scenery and climate, Irish investment also has the activeness of specialized government agencies. Support and thoughtful service. Attract foreign capital to Ireland to invest in manufacturing and international service industries, encourage existing Irish foreign-invested enterprises to expand their businesses in Ireland, and promote the coordinated development of industries in Ireland.

Additional information


  • The EU has the lowest tax rate. Ireland has an attractive tax system designed to maximize the interests of investors. The 12.5% ​​corporate income tax rate is the lowest among English-speaking countries and the lowest among EU countries. There are tax reliefs for newly established enterprises and R&D companies.
  • Opening up the European and American markets. Ireland is backed by the EU+UK+US market. It is an excellent springboard to enter the European market with 500 million consumers and the North American market with 580 million consumers.
  • Stable business environment Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world, maintaining a very stable economic and political situation. And Ireland ranks 5th in the world in terms of economic freedom and 2nd in Europe
  • The talent advantage is obvious. A steady stream of skilled science and engineering graduates has driven the booming development of the Internet industry in Ireland. And the innovation and creativity in the Internet industry has made Ireland an internationally recognized hotbed for nurturing scientific and technological talents
  • Unique location Ireland is located in western Europe and is a member of the European Union. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Irish Sea to the east. It faces the United Kingdom across the sea. It is the gateway from North America to Europe. Ireland, as the world’s 6 largest English-speaking countries and the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone, is an excellent choice for multinational companies to set up their European headquarters.
  • Strong economic strength. Ireland’s GDP has grown substantially in the past five consecutive years. In 2021, Ireland’s GDP per capita has jumped to the second place in the world. The epidemic will not affect its strong economic strength.
  • Deep industrial background Ireland is known as the “European Silicon Valley” and is the world’s second largest software exporter. It attracts technology giants in search engines, social networking, games, e-commerce, online payment and other fields from all over the world, and is rapidly developing into Europe The network capital of.

Conditions for registering an Irish company:

  • Relevant personal information of the applicant (name, current address, e-mail address, work experience, ID number, etc.);
  • Relevant information about the domestic company (company code, company establishment time, company shareholders, etc.);
  • Information about the establishment of an Irish branch (registered capital of the branch; number of employees to be hired; number of hair style stocks, etc.)
  • A legal person and a person or company with “secretary status” necessary to open a branch (private company limited by shares); (zip code, company code, legal person’s PPS number, current residential address) Proof, etc.)

Processing time:

  • Determine the type of registered Irish company and the name of the registered Irish company: To establish a small company or small and medium-sized company in Ireland, the general choice is LTD (private company limited by shares, or company limited by shares); after determining the type of registered Irish company, Give the company a name. But it should be noted that the Irish company name must contain the wording of the company type, and it cannot be an abbreviation, and the full name must be written.
  • Prepare documents for registering Irish company: Irish company documents mainly include: business plan, company’s articles of association, company’s financial statements, company organizational structure, business license and other related company documents; hand it over to Wanqi to help throughout the process
  • 24-hour one-to-one full service without time difference, saving time and cost to the greatest extent. 300+ professional teams accompany the whole run. Registration is successful in three days at the earliest, and relevant materials and documents will be available in 1-4 weeks.



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