HK Company Business Registration


Hong Kong is a highly prosperous free port and an international metropolis. Together with New York and London, it is called the “Port of Nurem” and is the third largest financial center in the world. Hong Kong’s comprehensive legal system, simple tax system, low tax rate, complete infrastructure and communication facilities, and high-quality professionals have won the favor of investors from all over the world.

Additional information

The advantages of Hong Kong company registration

  • Freedom to choose the name of a registered Hong Kong company, and the name is allowed to contain words such as college, international, group, holding, industry, etc.
  • The company’s business scope is not restricted, and the business can be freely filled in finance, accounting, import and export, medicine, education, etc.
  • Hong Kong allows shell companies to exist, without the need to rent an office in Hong Kong, and can operate directly in the mainland.
  • The Hong Kong company government does not need to verify capital, do not need to have registered capital in place, and does not require directors and shareholders to go to Hong Kong when registering.
  • Hong Kong companies can be used as a window company to the outside world, and it is easy to gain the trust and cooperation of foreign companies.
  • Use Hong Kong’s popularity to create Hong Kong brands, enhance the company’s international image, and increase product prices.
  • Hong Kong tax rate is low, tax types are few, no profit is not paid, and Hong Kong’s low tax rate and tax plan are used to achieve reasonable tax saving.
  • Using the convenience of Hong Kong’s foreign exchange import and export, there are no restrictions on receiving or transferring foreign exchange directly, avoiding exchange rate difference losses.
  • Hong Kong companies can open accounts in local banks in Hong Kong, and foreign exchange funds can easily control the circulation.

Conditions for registering a Hong Kong company

  • At least one shareholder and director over 18 years old
  • A legal secretary (by a Hong Kong permanent resident or a Hong Kong company)
  • A Hong Kong registered address

Method and time required to register a Hong Kong company

  • Self-registration takes about 3-6 months;
  • Look for Wanqi to help register a new Hong Kong company for about 1 week;
  • Look for tens of thousands of enterprises to help purchase a ready-made Hong Kong company (ie a shell company, it takes 2 days);

Information required to register a Hong Kong company

  • Company registration form (form NNC1 for a company limited by shares)
  • Company name in Chinese and English or a single Chinese or English name
  • Company registered address (provided by Vanzbon)

CNY Chinese yuan