Holland Company Registration


Additional information


  • The Netherlands has a high-quality business environment in Europe. The Netherlands is located in the west of Europe and is a member of the European Union. It borders Germany to the east and Belgium to the south. Dutch companies allow you to maximize profits in a high-quality European business environment
  • The Dutch government encourages foreign investment. There are tax incentives for some specific projects (for example, only 10% of the income from innovative patent intellectual property rights is levied on the income of the Dutch company after registration).
  • The Netherlands implements a low tax system. Corporate income tax is as low as 25.5%, which is lower than the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, etc.
    The income of the Dutch company’s shareholding is exempt from tax. That is, no corporate income tax is levied on the dividends from qualified shareholding and the capital gains from the transfer of qualified equity. Tariffs for Dutch companies are deferred. Tariffs and value-added tax implement deferred policies to ease the financial pressure of enterprises.
  • The Netherlands helps companies reduce or exempt various withholding taxes and avoid double taxation. The Netherlands does not levy withholding tax on interest and license fees paid abroad; there are tax deductions for energy-saving or environmental protection investments. There are no exchange controls in the Netherlands. After the registration of a Dutch company, it is convenient for customers engaged in international trade.
  • The procedure for establishing a Dutch company is simple. If you communicate and cooperate with professionals about registration matters, the whole process will become easier. Wanqibang Group will have a professional team to improve all aspects of company registration and establishment for you.


  • Company name: Provide 2-3 core names without duplicate names.
  • Shareholders and directors: one shareholder (director) can be sufficient, or multiple shareholders (directors), natural persons and legal person companies of any nationality can be shareholders (directors)
  • Company manager: There is no restriction that a Dutch citizen must be employed.
  • Registered address: Must have an office address in the Netherlands, and Wanqibang will provide it throughout the process
  • Registered capital: at least 1 Euro registered capital

Processing time:

  • Propose three company names, and choose a non-repetitive reservation from them
  • Draft and notarize the registration documents of the new company
  • Submit documents to the Dutch company registration and perform tax and VAT registration
  • Registration for non-employment and social security purposes, including registration with the pension fund at the same tax authority
  • The company and the supervisor of the industry in which the company is assigned is not stupid to apply for the necessary business license
  • Choose Wanqi to help the whole process, successfully register in three days as soon as possible, no need to go overseas, 300+ Sino-Dutch international team will accompany the whole process. Strong confidentiality. Save time and cost, high-speed and efficient landing.



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