Estonia Company Registration


Estonia joined the European Union in 2004 and has signed double taxation avoidance agreements with more than 20 countries including the United States and the United Kingdom. It is one of the European countries with attractive investment environment. Innovative legislation and zero tax rate in the field of high-tech financial technology.

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  • The overall political situation in Estonia is stable, the legal system is relatively sound, and the investment environment is good;
  • There is no foreign exchange control, no restrictions on international payments, and any currency can be freely converted, remitted and remitted;
  • Attach importance to attracting foreign investment, implement national treatment for foreign investment, and implement zero-tariff and free trade policies;
  • The part of corporate profits used for reinvestment is not subject to income tax, which is conducive to enhancing product competitiveness.
  • Estonia’s geographical location is very advantageous, and our culture combines the cultures of Northern Europe and Eastern Europe, coupled with quick investment procedures and good infrastructure construction, all of which make Estonia one of the world’s leading countries to attract investment. one.


  • Choose an appropriate company name for name search: It is recommended to provide three alternative names
  • Submit the director’s identity information and address proof
  • Draft the company’s articles of association
  • Company address (it can be a virtual office): The address of an Estonian company is closely related to taxes, so the address can be an actual office address or a virtual office lease contract.
  • Open company bank account (if required)
  • According to the type of company to be registered, the corresponding registration documents must be submitted. If the shareholder is a natural person, the shareholder’s personal information must be provided. If a foreign company establishes a branch or subsidiary in Estonia, the parent company’s registration documents must be submitted.
  • If you are setting up a sole proprietorship or partnership, you must fill out a registration form

Process time:

  • Sign the power of attorney or agreement and try to entrust the registration of the company in Estonia;
  • Provide several materials mentioned in the above article. If there are any problems in the preparation of the materials, our company can assist in handling;
  • For company name registration and approval, the name can only be used after approval;
  • Deposit the initial capital and obtain the payment certificate from the bank;
  • Submit a registration application to the Commercial Registration Bureau;
  • Apply for VAT registration to the tax bureau.
  • 24-hour one-to-one full service without time difference, saving time and cost to the greatest extent. 300+ professional teams accompany the whole run. Registration is successful in 1 day at the earliest, and relevant materials and documents can be obtained in 3-7 weeks.

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