Denmark Company Registration


Denmark is a highly developed capitalist country and one of the eight largest economic countries in Europe. Denmark is a fully modern market economy but with a strong socialist color; it has high-tech agriculture, modern small-scale enterprise chemical industry, and stable The currency and other characteristics of the country, while highly dependent on international trade. Denmark is also one of the founding members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. There are very few restrictions on the operating items of most companies.

Additional information


  • You can use the name of an overseas company to attract investment in a reverse direction
  • Improve the company’s international brand image and lay the foundation for opening foreign markets.
  • The government of this country is adhering to a moderately austerity fiscal policy and taking active measures to stabilize the financial market and exchange rate. Good business ecology
  • The registration fee is low, the process is simple, the conditions are relaxed, and the taxation is favorable. Management is very convenient


  • At least 1 shareholder is required (no nationality restriction)
  • At least 1 director or general manager (no nationality restriction)
  • The minimum share capital is 50,000 Danish kroner, and you can choose to pay part of the share capital.
  • Need to be at the actual office address (with the assistance of Wanqibang Group)
  • If a public limited company is registered, one of the promoters needs to be a citizen of an EU country
  • The promoter of a public limited company can be an individual or an entity. The promoter of a private limited company is an individual (no nationality restriction)

Process time:

  • Company name (English)
  • Registered address
  • At least one shareholder ID copy or passport photocopy (at least one shareholder)
  • Sign the “Personal Power of Attorney” and affix fingerprints;
  • Sign the “Company Power of Attorney” and affix the corporate seal;
  • Provide a “Certificate of No Criminal Record”, stamped with fingerprints, and need to go to the public security bureau where the household registration is located to stamp;
  • The shareholder information is notarized at the place of household registration and stamped by the Danish Embassy in China.
  • Proof that the registered capital is in place by the bank (capital 17,000 euros)
  • 24-hour one-to-one full service without time difference, saving time and cost to the greatest extent. 300+ professional teams accompany the whole run. The registration is successful in three days at the earliest, and the relevant materials and documents will be obtained in 4-7 weeks.

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