BVI Company Registration


BVI (British Virgin Islands) Chinese name British Virgin Islands, located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, covering an area of ​​153 square kilometers, is a member of the British Commonwealth. The British Virgin Islands is based on the British common law (its commercial company law includes some provisions of the Delaware law) and is implemented in conjunction with local regulations.

Because the British Virgin Islands companies do not have to pay taxes, they are not subject to foreign exchange controls, and the local government requires very little information for filing. Therefore, it has attracted many multinational companies and individuals to register BVI companies. At present, the British Virgin Islands has become one of the most popular offshore registration places in the world.

Additional information

Advantages of registering a BVI company

  • BVI (British Virgin Islands) is a place with a very stable political, economic and trade environment;
  • There are good financial and legal facilities to facilitate the establishment and development of various financial institutions or foundations;
  • The government protects the interests of shareholders and does not need to disclose the identity of the beneficiaries;
  • In order for the local government to encourage economic development and attract foreign investment, one person can completely own a limited company;
  • The government provides privacy protection for all enterprises, and the confidentiality of directors’ information is strong;
  • Low tax rate. Island International Co., Ltd. has very little tax control;
  • No auditor’s report is required, just keep the information to reflect the economic situation;
  • There is no need to pay profits tax on profits from operations in other places, so as to achieve the purpose of reasonable tax avoidance;
  • Companies on the island can open bank accounts all over the world;
  • The follow-up service is simple, highly confidential, tax-free, stable political and economic environment, and convenient for financing and listing.

Conditions for registering a BVI company

  • At least one shareholder and director over 18 years of age
  • Agents by local individuals or corporations

How to register a BVI company and what it takes and time

  • It takes about 12 working days to register a new company (after all the materials are collected and the due diligence is passed)
  • It takes about 3 working days to purchase a ready-made shell company (after all the materials are collected and the due diligence is passed)

Information required to register a BVI company

  • Company name in Chinese and English
  • Original ID card or passport of directors and company promoters, or copies certified by certified public accountants, lawyers, and notaries
  • Director’s address certificate (for example, bank statement, utility bill, gas bill, fixed telephone bill, etc.) in the last 3 months, or a copy certified by a certified public accountant, lawyer, or notary

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