America Company Registration


In 2020, the total GDP of the United States is approximately US$20.93 trillion, and the total GDP of China is US$14.73 trillion for the first time. In the first half of 2021, the US GDP is approximately US$11 trillion. The US has the world’s most developed financial system and is the strongest. The financial industry, the most high-end financial talents. It is the highest point of gathering finance and wealth.


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Advantages of registering a US company:

  • Have an international brand, enhance corporate image, and let your business go to the world
  • U.S. companies have no foreign exchange control, free funds, and free trade;
  • American companies can apply for work visas and green cards to facilitate work and children’s education.
  • U.S. companies can directly check into overseas e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Ebay, etc.
  • Preferential application for trademarks. Compared with companies in other countries, registering a US company can help you win US trademarks faster.
  • Reduce corporate tax burden. Some states in the United States, such as Nevada, Delaware, and Oregon, have low tax rates and low taxes. If you do not operate in the United States, you are exempt from corporate income tax.
  • The overseas market is vast. The American style is the country with the highest economic aggregate in the world and the largest consumer country in the world, and it has a very large consumer market and a sound and complete market mechanism.
  • Priority financing and listing. Registered U.S. companies can directly apply for relevant commercial or project loans locally, or directly and indirectly list overseas, to achieve the purpose of financing the company.

Conditions for registering a U.S. company:

  • Company name: You need to provide an English name, just make sure you don’t have the same name
  • Detailed share distribution status and shareholder ID certificate/passport
  • Leave personal contact information and real address. No need to be present in person.
  • The basic registered capital is 50,000 US dollars by default, which belongs to nominal capital and does not need to be actually in place.

The process and time for registering a US company:

  • Name search: provide 1-3 alternative English company names
  • Provide information: scanned copy of shareholder’s certificate, shareholder’s English signature, and registration confirmation
  • Sign the agreement: sign the power of attorney for the registration agreement
  • Submission of documents: handed over to the official by the company’s professionals and quasi-documents
  • After registration, all materials will be mailed.
  • The self-registration time is generally more than 3 months. Vanzbon can register successfully in 1 day and get relevant documents within 7 working days.

Why choose Vanzbon:

16 years of experience in global business services, 300+ international expert groups to help out the whole process, 10,000+ overseas customers precipitation, 50 state registration channels covering the United States, 100 regional institutions to establish in-depth cooperative relations, 278+ exclusive cooperation resources between China and the United States, 2456+ Cooperation with domestic banks in the United States.


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