Offline seminar

On April 17, Vanzbon Group held an offline seminar on the theme of “Shenzhen’s Ideas for Fighting Workers and Making Money”. The meeting was enthusiastic and full of dry goods.


At 14:00 in the afternoon, the seminar officially began. First of all, the host Chen Chen briefly introduced Vanzbon Group, its main business and corporate culture to the guests present, so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of Vanzbon Group.

Teacher Lu made a keynote speech

Subsequently, Mr. Lu Shengwei, a financial and taxation expert of the Vanzbon Group, brought a keynote speech on “Revealing the Wealth Code of the Skyrocketing Value of Shenzhen Workers”. Mr. Lu introduced all kinds of “making money” in a relaxed and humorous way. Thoughts and methods, and express his own unique insights for each method.

Teacher Lu made a keynote speech

In response to the recent hot topics of “Is it a part-time job or an entrepreneur to be the boss” and “Should I engage in a side job”, Mr. Lu said: First of all, you must recognize whether you are a knowledge-based talent or a resource-based talent, and make full use of your own advantages. Find a way to “make money” that suits you.

Finally, Mr. Lu said that “making money” is nothing more than two ways, one is “opening up” and the other is “throttling.” How to “throttle”? Mr. Lu said: For example, on corporate tax issues, we can use reasonable, compliant and legal methods to save taxes. Professionals can achieve a tax saving rate of more than 90%. This tax saving amount is also not a small amount for companies. Amount.

At the end of the seminar, the guests present had a lively discussion on the method of “making money”. Some guests said that Mr. Lu’s argument of “throttling” today opened up everyone’s vision and used tax-saving methods to “make money”. Everyone has another idea.

Vanzbon Group brings together top professional consultants at home and abroad to provide forward-looking professional services by working with global partners to build a network-based service system to help companies and individuals maximize their profits. The group focuses on tax services, investment services, consulting services, cross-border services, business services, business schools and other business directions, and is committed to becoming a global professional service group that “drives services with technology and leads industries with professions”. Let us look forward to the excitement of the next event together, and look forward to everyone

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