Finance and Taxation Lecture Hall

An offline event in the Finance and Taxation Lecture Hall with the theme of “Winning Economics, Finance and Taxation Worry-free” was held. The audience was full of students and the atmosphere was enthusiastic.

The activity site is full of students

Exquisite tea break prepared for the event

This event invited the chief financial and taxation expert, senior financial and taxation researcher, and well-known financial and taxation training expert Lu Qingyou to give a financial and taxation training lecture for everyone. Teacher Lu Qingyou has more than 20 years of fiscal and tax management experience. He is proficient in fiscal and tax policy interpretation, practical operations, tax planning and tax-related risk prevention, and has a thorough knowledge of accounting, taxation and law; he has served domestic large, medium and small enterprises as financial consultants and tax planning , Accumulatively save more than 1 billion legal taxes for enterprises; provide tax-related training for corporate finance and bosses and management cadres of taxation bureaus at all levels throughout the country, benefiting more than 100,000+ trainees; rich in tax risk prevention, tax consulting, and fiscal planning Wait for actual combat experience.

Teacher Lio gave a theme lecture

In this fiscal and taxation lecture event, Mr. Qingyou Lu, with the theme of “108 tricks to take you through corporate tax planning”, will give you an in-depth analysis of the overall solution of tax planning, including why tax planning is necessary, how to accurately carry out tax planning and tax planning Links to be controlled and other aspects. In this lecture, Mr. Lu Qingyou, while taking into account the theory, through a large number of practical cases, helped the guests and students to better understand the key links and ideas of tax planning, avoid the risks and preventions that are easily overlooked in tax avoidance, and directly attack the most important tax planning. The fastest and most effective strategies and methods.

Guests from the trainees ask questions to Teacher Lio

Participants presented flowers to Teacher Lio and took a group photo

The trainees said that through this activity, they learned a lot of knowledge in finance and taxation, and provided very effective guidance on tax saving for enterprises and individuals in the future, and gained a lot. Through the holding of this lecture on finance and taxation, the exchanges and learning of finance and taxation among enterprises have been strengthened, and the concept of resource sharing and learning and win-win has been achieved. Let us look forward to the next event, Vanzbon Group will bring you more excitement.

Group photo after the meeting

One-on-one communication with experts after the meeting

One-on-one communication with experts after the meeting

Vanzbon Group brings together top domestic and foreign financial and taxation consulting consultants to provide forward-looking financial and taxation professional services by building network services with global partners, helping corporate customers and individual customers to achieve the best through reasonable and effective methods and strategies Financial and tax planning to ensure compliance while maximizing corporate profits. Vanzbon Group has been deeply involved in the industry for more than ten years and has become one of the most influential

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